On the website of Björn Stickler and the corresponding blog you can find own Android apps, useful tools, sourcecode examples and information on topics like data & analytics, IT security, innovation and information technology in general.

Björn Stickler is the Head of Data & Anlytics at Reprise Digtal, an agency which is part of the Interpublic Group. He and his team provide a full set of services in regards to data and analytics:

  • Audit and optimization of existing website tracking setups
  • Conception and implementation of sophisticated Google Analytics tracking setups
  • Conception of Firebase app tracking concepts
  • Implementation and support on tag management systems (e.g. Google Tag Manager, Tealium)
  • Setup of individual Dashboards with Datastudio, Klipfolio or Tableau
  • Setup and Support of A/B or multivariate Website Tests with Google Optimize
  • Trainings and workshops regarding all Google 360 Suite data products
  • General support and consulting concerning data projects (e.g. working with GA360 data in BigQuery)


Latest Articles

Google Ads API - Get Report Example (Python)

This Python 3 code snippet demonstrates the usage of the Google Ads API (formerly known as AdWords API), to generate and retrieve a report. The code can be modified to retrieve all kinds of reports (in the example, a report of type CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT is requested as CSV).

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WeatherMaps for Android

The WeatherMaps app provides the ability to view different OpenWeatherMap layers with meteorological weather information as an overlay on top of Google Maps. Further information on the OpenWeatherMap project can be found on https://openweathermap.org/.

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Free Facebook Ads Google Datastudio Connector

Google Datastudio, the free, convenient and easy-to-use dashboard solution from Google, unfortunately does not offer out-of-the-box support for third-party marketing platforms. So you can either use a Community Connector from different providers or you can program your own Community Connector in Google Apps Script, which in most cases is not that complicated.

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Comparison - Google Optimize 360 vs. Google Optimize Free

Google offers Optimize 360, an enhanced paid version of its A/B testing and website personalization tool that competes directly with Optimizely. Even the free version of Google Optimize has virtually all the features you would expect as a website operator for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B Testing.

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Comparison - Google Tag Manager 360 vs. Google Tag Manager Free

There are only few differences between the free Google Tag Manager version and GTM360. This is probably also the reason why this product of the 360 Suite is not sold separately as an independent product, but is only offered in connection with Google Analytics 360 as a free additional service.

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