GA360 BigQuery Example - Top Conversion Paths

This article shows how to use the GA360 BigQuery export to analyze the top conversion paths for a given website. The example is using BigQuery legacy SQL in conjunction with Python code to compile the corresponding statistics.

GA360 Data in BigQuery - Basic Examples

The raw tracking data in BigQuery is one of the most interesting and powerful features offered by GA360 (the paid version of Google Analytics). It allows you to query the tracking data without any kind of limitations or sampling. This article shows basic examples on how to use BigQuery to extract information from the GA data. 

AMP Click Tracking with Dynamic data-var Attributes

The tracking of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is different and somtimes also limited compared to normal website tracking. This article describes an easy and convenient way to track clicks on AMP pages using data-var attributes to pass dynamic tracking information with the click.

AMP Tracking with GTM and Cross-Domain GA Client-ID

This article describes a solution on how to implement Google Analytics on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) using a consistent cross-domain GA client id. Using such a solution will allow a correct tracking of users on your own website and on possible AMP cache servers.

BookCase Android App

This app shows public book cases on a map screen, so you can easily locate them. All information in regards to the public book cases is originating from