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Google offers Optimize 360, an enhanced paid version of its A/B testing and website personalization tool that competes directly with Optimizely. Even the free version of Google Optimize has virtually all the features you would expect as a website operator for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B Testing.

This raises the question of what additional services and possibilities the paid version of Optimize 360 offers. This article provides an overview of the differences between the free version and Optimize 360.

Number of simultaneous tests

While the free version of Google Optimize allows a maximum of three simultaneously active tests, Optimize 360 has no such limit. Especially with large websites, the 360 version can play out its advantage by allowing a larger number of tests to run in parallel.

Evaluation of test goals

The free Optimize version is also somewhat limited with regard to the number of experiment targets to be evaluated - you can set up a maximum of three preconfigured targets per experiment (which should be sufficient in many cases). Optimize 360 is much more flexible with a maximum of 10 preconfigured targets and the additional possibility to dynamically perform arbitrary evaluations afterwards.

More combinations within multivariate tests

For multivariate tests (MVT) Optimize 360 offers the option to evaluate a maximum of 36 combinations against each other in the test. The free version only allows a maximum of 16 combinations in multivariate tests.

Experiment Targeting Support for Google Analytics Target groups

In Google Optimize 360 it is also possible, in addition to the already existing various alignment options for experiments, to directly address Google Analytics target groups for tests or website personalization. Especially if you have stored user information in custom, dimensions, this feature can be very interesting and helpful.

Service Level Agreement & Support

Similar to Analytics, Google only offers support and a service level agreement for the paid 360 version of Optimize.