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Google Datastudio, the free, convenient and easy-to-use dashboard solution from Google, unfortunately does not offer out-of-the-box support for third-party marketing platforms. So you can either use a Community Connector from different providers or you can program your own Community Connector in Google Apps Script, which in most cases is not that complicated.

On this page you will find a free Google Datastudio Community Connector for Facebook Ads, which allows you to display Facebook Ads statistics in Datastudio.

To set up and use the free open source Datastudio Community Connector on this page, you must follow the steps below:

  • Register at and create a new app that can use the Marketing API.
  • For the newly created Facebook app, the following URL must be entered as OAuth Redirect, where must be replaced with the ID of your Google Apps script for the authentication process to work correctly:<apps-script-id>/usercallback
  • Create a new Google Apps script file called "Facebook Ads Datastudio Connector" in your Google Drive
  • Download the file facebook-ads-datastuido-connector-code.js with the source code of the connector and copy the code into the newly created Google Apps Script file. Replace the Facebook App Credentials with those of the newly created Facebook App.
  • Select the option "View -> Show Manifest" in the menu of the Google Apps Script Web Editor.
  • Download the file facebook-ads-datastuido-connector-appscript.json and copy the content into the corresponding manifest file in the Apps Script Web Interface

datastudio facebook connector fields

The Facebook Datatstudio Connector is open source and you can use it for private and commercial purposes. In case you modify the source code or use it in your own projects, it would be nice if you mention a reference to the original source. Please note that I do not provide any support for the Facebook Connector.


Update 2020-10-05:

I published a new version of the DataStudio Facebook Connector code that works again with the current Facebook API version. 


Additional notes:

The DataStudio Facebook Connector is designed for developers who already have experience with Google Apps Script and the Facebook API. Unfortunately, I can't provide any support for setting up the connector.


Project files: