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A free opensource Google Datastudio community connector for Kochava, allowing the integration of Kochava app install and app event statistics in your Datastudio dashboards.

During my work as Head of Data and Analytics at Reprise Digital, one of our clients used Kochava to track app installs and general app events to measure the campaign performance. To be able to also incorporate such statistics in our campaign dashboards, I decided to code a simple Datastudio Community Connector.


To be able to use the Kochava Datastudio Connector, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Create a new Google Apps Script file in your Google Drive called "Kochava Datastudio Connector"
  • Download the file kochava-datastuido-connector-code.js with the Kochava Datastudio connector sourcecode and paste the code in your newly created Google Apps Script file
  • Select the menu option View -> Show Manifest from the menu
  • Download the file kochava-datastuido-connector-appscript.json and paste the content in the corresponding manifest file in the editor screen
  • After saving the files, you can choose the option Publish -> Publish from Manifest from the menu
  • After clicking on the latest version link, you will be redirected to Datastudio where you can create and configure your Kochava connector


Setting up the Kochava Datastudio Connector

To setup the Kochava Datastudio Connector, you just need to enter the configuration data:

kochava connector configuration

  • The Kochava API key that you can get from the API Key Management screen in the Kochava web interface
  • One or multiple app ids (not GUIDs) separated by comma
  • The type of report: currently the connector supports install (date, network name, install_count) and event (date, network_name, event_name, event_count) reports


The Kochava Datatstudio Connector is opensource and you can use it as you like. It would be great if you could reference the source in case of use or if you develop other projects using this code. Please note that I do not provide any kind of support for the connector.


Project Files:


Additional note: Due to the Kochava API live query, you should select only shorter date ranges to get the full data.