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Interactive dashboards offer an excellent possibility to display important KPIs visually and comfortably at a glance. For example, statistics from Google Analytics or AdWords can be selected according to your own priorities and wishes and displayed in interactive charts or tables.

With our expertise, we support you in the selection and definition of the KPIs to be displayed, in choosing of the appropriate dashboard system and in the actual implementation. In many cases, Google Datastudio is the product of choice, as this free system already has a connection to many external sources. If required, we can also provide or develop individual connectors for third-party data sources for you. Ultimately, Datastudio is a very flexible platform in terms of dashboard design and layout that leaves little to be desired.

If the Datastudio features are not sufficient, we recommend the use of Tableau or Klipflolio. Also for these two platforms we can offer extensive support in creating and customizing dashboards.


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