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Are you looking for an agency that creates and implements a comprehensive tracking concept for your website? We will be happy to help you!

In order to be able to create an optimal tracking concept for your website, we first discuss the goals and KPIs for the respective website with you. We will then conduct an extensive audit of your website to determine what tracking capabilities are available and to define what data should be collected. The next step is to create a Tracking Implementation Guide document outlining the recommended tracking implementation in detail and with code examples.

google analyitcs logoWe recommend the use of Google Analytics as a tracking platform, as the free version of this system already offers extensive possibilities for page, event and e-commerce tracking. For websites with a very large number of users, we recommend using the paid Analytics 360 version (to avoid problems with sampling, for example). If you have your own preferences regarding the tracking system to be used, we are basically tool-agnostic and we work together with all known tracking systems.

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In any case, we also recommend the use of a tag management system for the implementation of any tracking tags. Advantages are the fact that the Tag Management Container Code and a so called Datalayer can be integrated into the source code of the website only once. The datalayer contains all possible parameters required by tracking tags in a uniform form. The implementation of the tags itself is then carried out conveniently via the web interface of the tag management system, which usually also enables other useful features such as versioning, debugging or testing. As a tag management system we recommend Google Tag Manager, because this system is free of charge and offers all state-of-the-art functionalities of a tag management system. However, we also work with tools from other vendors (e.g. Tealium).

While the implementation in the source code of the site is usually done by your web agency, we take care of the setup of the tags in the tag management system. In addition, we offer extensive support on general or technical issues.


If you are interested in our services, you are welcome to send us an inquiry via the contact form.