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With the POI Assistant app you can use POI files in OV2 (TomTom) format on your Android smartphone in order to find different kinds of POIs in the sourrounding area (i.e. cash machines, gas stations, fast food restaurants, ...).

The POIs are presented in a map view so you can find and select the desired locations easily. After tapping on a POI, the app shows the name and distance along with the option to start the navigation from your current location to the POI.


The POI Assistant app does not include any OV2 POI databases. Before the first real use, you have to download the desired OV2 POI files from the web (just search for "free OV2 download" to find lots of websites providing POI databases). The POI files (and optionally the according BMP icons) need to be transferred to your smartphone and then placed into the /POIAssistant directory, so the app can find them.

Data Privacy Notes
The POI Assistant app is using Google Firebase to track app usage and crash statistics. The app is displaying ads delivered by the AdMob advertising network, which might also track usage statistics. Both systems collect and transmit the Android advertising identifier. The app provides an option to opt-out of personalized advertising. If you have any questions in regards to data privacy, please contact me.


Example Websites with free OV2 POI Files


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