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The WeatherMaps app provides the ability to view different OpenWeatherMap layers with meteorological weather information as an overlay on top of Google Maps. Further information on the OpenWeatherMap project can be found on


Supported Layers

  • Clouds
  • Temparature
  • Isobars / Pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Wind Speed
  • Snow


The WeatherMaps app is using Google Firebase to track app usage and crash statistics. The free version is also displaying ads, delivered by the AdMob advertising network, which might also track usage statistics. Both systems collect and transmit the Android advertising identifier. The free app provides an option to opt-out of personalized advertising. If you have any questions in regards to data privacy, please contact me.




WeatherMaps Android Screenshot 1 WeatherMaps Android Screenshot 2 WeatherMaps Android Screenshot 3 WeatherMaps Android Screenshot 4


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