PieChart is a free and easy to use opensource asp.net control for creating pie-charts.

The control is free for use and modification. When you release a modified version it would be nice if you mention the original. The download contains the source for an example like the one below.




Syntax Example

<%@ Register TagPrefix="Stickler" TagName="PieChart" Src="PieChart.ascx" %>


ExamplePieChart.ChartTitle = "PieChart Example";
ExamplePieChart.ImageAlt = "PieChart Example";
ExamplePieChart.ImageWidth = 450;
ExamplePieChart.ImageHeight = 250;

PieChart_ascx.PieChartElement myPieChartElement1 = new PieChart_ascx.PieChartElement();
PieChart_ascx.PieChartElement myPieChartElement2 = new PieChart_ascx.PieChartElement();

myPieChartElement1.Name = "Example 1";
myPieChartElement1.Percent = 75.0;
myPieChartElement1.Color = Color.FromArgb( 56, 56, 56 );
ExamplePieChart.addPieChartElement( myPieChartElement1 );

myPieChartElement2.Name = "Example 2";
myPieChartElement2.Percent = 25.0;
myPieChartElement2.Color = Color.FromArgb(255, 255, 0);



<Stickler:PieChart id="ExamplePieChart" runat="server" />


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