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TwoAxisLineBarChart is a free and easy to use opensource control for creating a combination of a bar- and a line-chart.

The control is free for use and modification. When you release a modified version it would be nice if you mention the original. The download contains the source for an example like the one below.




Syntax Example:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="Stickler" TagName="TwoAxisLineBarChart" Src="TwoAxisLineBarChart.ascx" %>


ExampleChart.ChartTitle = "Random Chart Example";
ExampleChart.ImageAlt = "Random Chart Example";
ExampleChart.DataSource = myDataView;
ExampleChart.ImageWidth = 600;
ExampleChart.ImageHeight = 400;
ExampleChart.LabelColumnName = "label";
ExampleChart.Value1ColumnName = "value1";
ExampleChart.Value2ColumnName = "value2";
ExampleChart.value1FormatString = "0.00";
ExampleChart.value2FormatString = "0.00";


<Stickler:TwoAxisLineBarChart id="ExampleChart" runat="server" />